Welcome to GÖTEBLUES 2020,

Göteborg is the town where the weather is often rainy and gloomy but the people are happy and friendly. We want to invite you to visit us between the 1st and 3rd of May and bring you the GÖTEBLUES. GÖTEBLUES is a dance camp where we try to embrace the Göteborg-spirit and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To also help with the warmth we have strategically chosen the month of May, usually a pleasant time of year to be in Göteborg.

So what can you expect from GÖTEBLUES dance-wise? We will offer three class levels, each level will have a full (8 hours) and a half track (4 hours). We will offer classes for all levels, from dancers that have been dancing blues less than a year to blues dance camp globetrotters. We will also offer a fast track for swing dancers that are completely new to blues and want to kick start their blues journey.

We will also bring you three parties, two live bands, three international teachers and a lot of gôtt mos!

In Göteborg the saying “Gôtt mos” literally means “tasty mashed potatoes” but it’s used to imply that something is awesome. Gôtt mos = Nice! Cool! Great! Awesome! Good job!

If you have questions regarding the event use the contacts page.

Gôtt mos, GÖTEBLUES!